Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Beginnings ... July

Okay, so I was totally out of it in June and didn't start anything.  This month, under the pressure of having a gift to be made (by July 30), I have a new beginning!

 To be fair, the strips were pieced by someone else, I just cut the squares to size and made the squares from two triangles added the sashing and sewed them together.

This is the quilt top.  Kind of has a nautical feel to it.

Here are the backing fabrics I was auditioning.

The person for whom I am making the blanket opted for the dinosaur print so that's what it'll be.  I've started the quilting and hope to finish that tonight or tomorrow night and then attack the binding.

Anyway, if you feel like joining me in my quest to start a new project a month (or in my case, I'm hoping now for 11 of 12), please link up and leave a comment so we can check out your new projects.


Southern Gal said...

I like the bright colors. I am up to putting on the borders on the pinwheel quilt. I have to stop this week to paint my sewing room. I should be back at it by next week.

Katie said...

Love it. I would have gone with dinosaurs too.

Peg said...

Oops not quite in time for a July start. I missed June too. That's what I get for going to see my grand baby. But home now for a bit and a starter all laid out. Will join in next time

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Waht a cute quilt. I like the dinosaurs or the word fabric. And I am planning to finish one and start another quilt this month. And I am planning to do mor Blogging again. Well lets hope for the best.

Kate said...

Love the quilt! What a great way to put strips together.


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