Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals

This month is either going to be a busy month or a crazy busy month. I have vacation, an off-Broadway show (is that what you call them when you see a show not on Broadway?), a possible trip to the east coat, a trip to Napa (unless the earthquake damage is too great) ...

1 - swim in three of the Great Lakes: Huron, Michigan, Superior (actually I swam in two of them in August but I'm counting it anyway -- going with Australian time for that ...)

2 - put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

3 -make 4 Grinch blocks

4 - start a new project

5 - bake some bread

6 - make a new soup

7 - eat healthier - less snacking (not sure how to quantify that)

8 - go to Napa

9 - relax in Michigan

10 - be more intentional

August recap:

1 - make 4 Grinch blocks -- nope

2 - Start a new project - DONE!!  made the star quilt (oops I've forgotten the name)

3 - go to the gym 8x - I think I only went about 4 times.

4 - lose 8 pounds - I lost 2, oh well

5 - try a new recipe - I ate something new.  does that count??

6 - read a book - DONE!!  I read the second book in the Divergent series and am getting through the third one as well.

7 - unplug once a week (no games/blogging/facebook) -- I did this once.  I have tried cutting back on games.  I'm not candy crushing any more, or playing pyramid solitaire ...

8 - take a Saturday walk somewhere new/different - DONE!! found a new trail near our house! YAY!

9 - do something kind for someone "pay it forward" - nope, didn't do this one either, at least not yet.

10 - make improv blocks and mail them out -- DONE!!


Katie said...

Good progress there! I made a list in August and did 0!!!

Shay said...

August sounds like plenty of achievement happened. Good Luck with September . Im planning to Pay It Forward this month too . Im going to make a list and do a few things !


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