Friday, September 5, 2014

Swimming in the Great Lakes

I had  the great privilege this year of being able to swim* in three out of the four Great Lakes. On Labor Day, my husband, Nevada and I walked across the Mackinac Bridge.  Once a year, on Labor Day, they open the bridge for walkers and about 40,000-60,000 people walk across.  It's pretty amazing actually. 

The  Mackinac Bridge is located where Lakes Michigan and Huron meet which gave me the opportunity to swim* in two of the lakes without much effort.

Here I am getting out of Lake Huron.  It was shallow where we were and hard to get in (lots of muck).  You'll have to take my word for it that I went under. 
And here I am, in Lake Michigan.  The beach access was great and we were able to get some decent pictures.  The water was kind of dirty though -- lots of stuff floating around in it. Chilly, but not too cold.
It was probably in the 70s -- not great swimming weather, but not too horrible. That was on Sunday, August 31.  Then on Wednesday, it was in the 80s here in Eagle Harbor so I took the plunge into Lake Superior.  Three Great Lakes.  
I think one year, I'll put on my list to swim in all five in the same trip .. take a trip around the lakes.  might be fun.

*I use the term "swim" quite loosely - what it really means is that I got in the water and was completely submerged .. that's it.  no swimming strokes.  just getting wet (including my hair).

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Shay said...

Off topic - how bloody fabulous do you look in your swimsuit!

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