Friday, July 24, 2015

Cocktail Wednesday

This week we re-instituted Cocktail Wednesday at my house with my current favorite cocktail.  The strawberry mint lemonade.  Recipe from here.


  • Strawberries, washed and cut (2 cups)
  • Lemon juice from lemons (2-3 cups) -- about a dozen (I only had 6-7) so I had to add juice from a jar to make up the difference
  • Simple syrup - 2/3 c sugar + 2/3 c water
  • mint - 2/3 c + some leaves for the garnish
  • ice
  • vodka

I put the sugar and water on the stove to make the simple syrup (and then went to clean the bathroom); then I washed and sliced the strawberries; and then the hard part -- juicing the lemons.
I threw it all in the blender with the mint and that was it.

Not many pictures, but that's because I was enjoying the drink so much.  It's good even without the vodka.

Join us again next week.  I'll post early about what cocktail we'll be drinking and provide the recipe in case you want to participate (and post your own review).


MartiDIY said...

I love strawberry lemonade and strawberry margaritas. Never thought of putting vodka in it but it sounds good.

Katie said...

Look back with your cocktails

Shay said...

That actually looks good enough to have me breaking out the vodka!

Kate said...

Looks yummy! But as my tolerance for alcohol is just about nil, I'll just have to enjoy the photos. (Really, I'm out cold after even just a half a glass of wine).


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