Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 29 : July 16 - 22

July 16 - the devil cat

 July 18 - my three sons + one soon to be SIL

July 19 - my sewing area ..

July 22 - gotta love the cokes


Shay said...

Coke over here has got very confusing - at the moment the name is printed in black . I keep thinking they stuffed up the label printing run.

All those young men look very handsome.

Katie said...

My three sons + soon to be son in law sounds like a tv show. Everyone looks good and healthy

MartiDIY said...

Your devil cat is gorgeous! Fine set of young men there too, your 3 look so much alike too.

Kate said...

Devil cat looks very handsome in that photo. I guess future SIL passed the test with your three? Fun bottle of Coke, hopefully that was from Your Guy.

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