Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lita & Nigel's Wedding

A little late (like 6 months), but we went to celebrate Lita and Nigel's wedding with them in June.

We flew out on Wednesday to spend the night in Indianapolis before driving to Oxford for the wedding.
The wine on the plane ...

 On Thursday, we went out and got our nails done.

 Ribbon trees at the nail salon ..  ideas for Christmas decorations.

Then there was the rehearsal dinner .. met my grand nephew, birthday buddy for the first time ...

 Group photo after the dinner.

And then the wedding ...  it as raining so they moved it inside

   The altar ..

The bride and groom ..

 Dancing with her brother ...

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Kate said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding. Hard to think about June at the moment, it's cold and raining really hard here.


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