Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Round Robin, part II

One interesting thing about scanning the Round Robin letters, in addition to how many there were and how much my grandparents worked hard at staying in touch with their siblings, is how thrifty my grandfather was. The letters are typed on all sorts of paper, from work, from hotels, from various places, it's kind of cool. I almost wonder if he ever bought paper ...

I should probably take a page out of that book, and be thriftier, re-use and recycle when I can.

This is one of the stamps ... it fell off the envelope.

This is a picture of my grandma's family, the Pope's when they arrived in California in 1907.

My grandma, Dessie, is the one in the middle.


Katie said...

Sara resembles Dessie a whole lot. Ila too of course.

Kate said...

Family history is fun stuff. It's been a while since we had 7 cent stamps!

Anna said...

The others are Uncle Clell and Aunt Sara. I wonder if the baby is Uncle Edward.