Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5K "Training"

Just to update those who are wondering how my 5K "training" is going ....  I just finished week 4, day 1.  This day's regimen lasted for 34 minutes, with 14 minutes running, 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down, and 10 minutes just walking.  I'm almost halfway there! The program takes 8 weeks, after which I should be able to run a 5k.

I need to look into a 5K run maybe in April?  My YD agreed to run one with  me.

I walked 102 fitbit miles in January.  Well on my way to the 1000 for the year.

The Super Bowl is this weekend and we live about 2 miles from the stadium.  Not sure if we'll hang around the house that day or if we'll go somewhere else. We attempted to rent our house out for the big day but I think we over priced it.  I imagine traffic will be a nightmare on Sunday.


Southern Gal said...

Great progress on the 5K training. I ran three and that was it for me. ;) I ran a 1/4 mile track on Sunday and it nearly killed me! That's what I get for letting it go for so long.
Go Panthers!!

Katie said...

Awesome on your 5k training. I didn't know the super bowl was near you (see what I know about football), we enjoyed it while it was in Indy but they did lots of outdoor events and lots of it was free. Have fun deciding what to do.


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