Monday, February 15, 2016

New Hike #1 - Sanborn County Park

So, one of my goals this year is to take six new hikes (see #22 on the list).  This is the first of those six.

Nevada and I drove up Skyline Drive (Rt. 9) to Castle Rock -- which we've done before so we went across the street to Sanborn County Park.

The weather was perfect and we got there early so there weren't many people and parking (along the road) was easy.  The only negative was that we walked to the right instead of to the left and we weren't actually walking a loop -- or the loop was more miles than we cared to walk, so after we'd walked about 2 miles, we turned around and walked back. 

Apparently the park is huge and if you go to the main park entrance there are several other trails, some paved, to walk.  They allow dogs as well; so if we go again, perhaps Holly will join us.


Southern Gal said...

That has to be nice having walking trails nearby.

Katie said...

Good deal. I am not so into hiking I prefer the city or at least something to see on the hike like waterfall or rock formations etc.

Kate said...

Very pretty place for a walk.


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