Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pink Elephant

Not sure where to start this.  A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a stuffed elephant pattern.  I put it away, to make, later.  Then at a Christmas party, where we participated in a white elephant gift exchange, one of the kids at the party had a "white elephant" made from this same pattern.  It was so cute, I decided that I would try to make one. 

This was my first try.  I  think the trunk should be a little thicker, but I like it very much.

I haven't quite finished it -- I need to sew up the back still and the eyes are a little crooked.  I plan to make more.


Katie said...

So cute. I have a bear grandma made. I also think I might have a pattern for a dinosaur she made, although I might have tossed it thinking I would never make it

Kate said...

Love your pink elephant! Does she have a name?


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