Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January and goal setting

I was hoping to be able to start the new year off right by giving up sugar for the month.  On New Year's Day, I totally blew it but could still have 30 days of no sugar starting on the 2nd.  Yesterday went well, until I got home from work -- then I had two cookies.  Not sure if I should stick with this goal, which seems so very elusive ... or try something else.

Other plans for January:
  •  Finish quilt for grandbaby #5
  • Work on knit blanket for grandbaby #5
  • Work on baby quilt -- maybe finish quilt top (they call that a flimsy, I think)(one block of four squares a night)
  • Walk 120 miles (fitbit miles)
  • Complete four weeks of Couch to 5K 
  • Birthday Blog Post for SIL
  • Declutter bedroom/bathroom 

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