Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 Update

Here's my update on my list from last year.  Not a great completion rate.


Completed #s 1 and 3.  I had wanted to do more visiting but that didn't work out, what with moving and COVID and all that.  


Completed 11 & 14.  I probably should have looked at my list more to remember to do the things on the list.


Completed 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, and 30.  I posted daily pictures (well mostly) which increased my blog posts.  Here's the 1SE project.

I interviewed my grandsons for my Story Corp interviews.  I scanned some of the old pictures and scanned some of my grandfather's WWI era letters.  I also finished hemming the curtains at our house before we moved.


Completed 31, 37 & 40.  I've done a ton of reading on my Kindle; I started the Count of Monte Cristo -- still need to finish it up.  I did the picture diary -- about 1 picture a day.  I think I'll probably keep doing that this year.  I did send a few cards out.


Completed 42, 46.  Again, didn't get very far on these.  I am almost done with the Grinch Quilt.  Next year it will definitely be done.  Yay!

So that's it.  I completed 16 out of 52 -- or I will once I make my list for 2022.  I am starting to work on the list.  I want to pick things that I really want to do and then do them.

Last year, my niece did a cheese tasting thing (where they tried lots of different cheeses) and that seemed like a pretty good thing.  I won't do cheese because that's a copy cat thing -- however, there are other things I could work on trying.  Just trying to come up with something.


Katie said...

Love your video! Seems like many videos/pics of sleeping paul and/or gks. Yours is so different than mine.
I feel like I didn’t do that many things on my list either but 2021 was like a continuation of 2020 for me in ways.

Kate said...

Covid definitely put a crimp in a lot of plans for 2021. Let's hope it's much less a factor in 2022. You had some fun photos at the end of the year. Looking forward to checking out your list for this year.

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