Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this week is actually sewing related.  My sewing machine is in the dining room.  When I'm not home, I unplug it, but leave it on the table with the cover on, with the hope that the boys will not mess with it.  Usually they don't.  I generally try to wait to sew after they have gone to bed or when they aren't home.  But on some occasions, I sew when they are here.  And when I do, the boys want to sit on my lap and "help" me.

I try to be patient and let them "help."  Mikey will sit and help guide the fabric.  Andrew doesn't really do anything.  But they both want to sit there.  It's very sweet and special.  I wish I had a picture or two to post.  Next time it happens, I'll need to get someone to take a picture for me.

So that's it.  that's my favorite this week.  Just in under the limit.

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Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

They'll have the best memory of sitting in your lap and helping you create. It's a fabulous favourite. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! ☺

Kate said...

How cute! Enjoy it while you can, Kiddo used to do the same thing, but now she avoids the sewing maching like the plague and to date has shown absolutely no interest in sewing, other then picking out patterns for me to make!

P. said...

How sweet! My brothers liked to sit at my mom's sewing machine and try to rev it like a car with the foot pedal. Ugh. Hope yours aren't ever that naughty!

Michelle said...

Your story made me smile. Little helpers. What a terrific favorite!

Suzanne said...

This will be a memory your children will always have. What could be more comforting than sitting on Mom's lap "helping".