Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - 2nd Week In December

Tuesday - knitting
Wednesday - knitting
Thursday - nada
Friday - knitting
Saturday - worked on quilting rocketman; knitted; made bread

Sunday - knitting
Monday - knitting

Haven't gotten much quilting done, but I've been working on Christmas presents.  I'm hoping they are well received.

Check out how others are doing with the challenge at Kate's Life in Pieces.


Shay said...

That's one scary blanket monster you have at your house.

Working on gifts is definitely a creative process in my book. Lots of knitting going on in your corner of the world !

Katie said...

oh no! Drewbob is not a baby anymore!

Good for you working on something don't beat yourself up. I have been home and haven't accomplished much.

Anna said...

I have not been knitting. I have been crocheting. but the blanket is not yet done. I want finish the granny squares to get onto another pattern.

Kate said...

Looks like a lot going on last week. Hope your gift projects are either done or almost.

rebecca said...

good grief that bread looks amazing.


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