Tuesday, December 6, 2011

15 minute challenge - 1st week in December

So this week was a bit of a challenge.  I have a few knitting projects that I realize I can work on during my commute and at work so I did some of that this week.  I also started quilting rocket man, but have become overwhelmed by it and am letting myself be too busy to work on it.  Probably do some tonight.  On Friday, I had a holiday party with my office so that left no crafty time and on Saturday we helped #3 son clean his house, which took all day .. but here's what I did.

Tuesday - put rocket man together
Wednesday - started quilting RM
Thursday - knitting
Friday - NADA
Saturday - knitting
Sunday - knitting
Monday - knitting - finished the first cowl (except for weaving in the ends)

Also, on Sunday, I made fudge (and ate about 1 pound of the five I made) and some homemade laundry soap.  I'll let you know what i think of it after I've used it .. those two things, along with church, watching a small grandchild, laundry, grocery shopping, making dinner, and doing the dishes kept me busy.

Check out Life in Pieces to see how others have done on the 15-minute challenge this week.


Kathy said...

You knit too!! Wow!! I'm impressed!! I don't think I could ever make fudge, I don't think I would have any left!! I'm impressed you only ate 1 pound! Lol!! Take care!

Shay said...

Im ignoring the last two borders on the No Frills Quilt too ..Im just a bit over it at the moment.

Sounds like you had an amazingly busy week because I know you squeezed a full work week in there as well.

Kate said...

You had a full week. Hopefully the knitting helped you relax. Good luck with the RM quilt.

Pat said...

Knitting can be a nice break. Your certainly had a busy week!

Amanda said...

I think at least one day off this time of year is expected. I use to knit don't any more I find that my hands cramp up now, would probably be ok if I kept at it but I'd rather be quilting or stitching so decided that I would let that craft go. It would be good to be able to do something on the commute but I have to drive to work.

ANudge said...

Wow, you were busy. LOL - I,too, use to eat quite a bit of fudge when I made it. This year I'm opting out so that I can keep to my diet this holiday.


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