Tuesday, December 20, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - 3rd Week in December

So I finished a few things this week and as always, when I finish something I feel like I need to reward myself by being lazy ..

Tuesday - knitting
Wednesday - knitting
Thursday - finished knitting project
Friday - nada
Saturday - worked on rocketman
Sunday - made fudge; finished rocketman
Monday - made toffee

not much time to finish Christmas projects and I have two more things I want to start knitting and finish.  Let's see how that goes.

To see how others are doing on the 15 minute challenge or to link up yourself, click here to go to Life in Pieces.


Pat said...

Love your quilt. Festive colors! Sounds like you kept busy this week. Great job on your challenge!

Katie said...

go thea go! I wish I could show you my 15 minutes a day projects which are really more like sew from 9 to midnights!

Kate said...

Rocketman is really cool! Love the bright red and blue.

Looks like you had a full week. I'm on the same page in terms of gift-projects that need to be finished, I have two too!

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