Sunday, January 13, 2008

can I?

Well, it's been far too long. We had an interesting Christmas. My parents arrived on December 21, the day of my office holiday party. My son came home for Christmas -- well he showed up on the 27th. I took a couple of days off -- a total of three which is a big deal for me. He's gone -- heading back to Afghanistan. He and his girlfriend got engaged. So anyway ...

the can I? is referring to can I keep up with this. I read some earlier blogs (now deleted) and was surprised at how they sounded. Not too depressing, but rather introspective. so I think I'll try and do this more often.

the title of my blog may need to change. I'm pushing 50 so I guess that's what it needs to say. I would never have believed that at 50 (well almost), I would still feel confused and mixed up and unsure. Is it this way with everyone or just me? Are others more on top of it?

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