Friday, January 18, 2008

thriving?? I think maybe just surviving ....

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of different people (who in some instances are professional speakers) who are causing me to focus on having a positive attitude, looking forward, succeeding. The most recent one was a web cast yesterday by David McNally (I think that was his name) and what I mainly got out of it was that there are two kinds of people in the world -- those who survive and those who thrive. The difference between the two is attitude. He gave quotes from different people, all of whom were successful, but whose attitudes were different -- so thriving doesn't mean success -- and surviving isn't lack of success.

Interesting because these things are usually about success. How to focus and achieve. He was dealing with achieving but didn't actually say that. And that's not what I got out of it anyway. The quotes that I put up yesterday were things I got from the web cast. I guess I should put them in quotes.

The problem I'm having is being able to remember those things -- is it that I don't want to remember? or just that I'm getting old and my memory isn't what it should be? I want to have a more positive outlook - but it has to come from the inside out.

At a conference I went to in November, there were two speakers who were talking about the same basic thing. I am going to go over my notes this weekend and see what I can pull out of them. Anyway, thriving is an attitude which brings about action. I may even get this guy's book ... we'll see. Maybe I can check it out at the library ... something about eagles.

I just felt so much more productive and positive after listening to the webcast -- it was weird. I was wondering if I listened to scripture like that if it would give me the same result.

here are those seven questions again ...

"Who do I serve?"
"What are their expectations of me?"
"What do I offer to meet those expectations?"

"What matters today?"
"What can I do for my family today?"
"What do I need to do for myself today?"
"What do I choose to do today?"

The last four are the ones I need to face each morning -- what matters? so I can keep my perspective. What can I do for my family today? keep my priorities in line; what do I need to do for myself? so that I feel good about me; what do I choose to do? a recognition that I am making choices .. things aren't just happening. If circumstances are out of my control, my response to the circumstances isn't.

anyway, that's it for now. now i feel like i'm thriving instead of just surviving.

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