Thursday, July 23, 2009


I apologize for being political but I am tired of trillions being thrown around like it's nothing. It reminds me of when we first moved out here and someone told us about a house that was being sold and was such a great deal, only $600,000. It was and is obscene. But those numbers, like the deficit numbers are thrown around like they aren't huge numbers.

I hate it. All the money, all the politics, all the posturing, all the lying.

Okay, so my sister said to think of happy things ... so here goes

1 - I got a lot done on my quilt today -- need to do more tomorrow, but that will come. I want to finish the top before Saturday, which means I need to buy the border and binding .. and then I need to buy the backing. I think I'll use yellow flannel ... I hope she likes it.

2 - I had coffee with a dear friend today

3 - I didn't work today

4 - my feet are finally warm

5 - the cat didn't attack me today

6 - I returned the pants to Walmart

7 - I had a baked potato for dinner

8 - watched the Office and 30 Rock

Things are good and I had a lot of happy times today. Actually, other than listening to the political stuff around the house today, everything is good. Maybe I should be worried ...

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Katie said...

I'm not for the health care bill either. I think we need to take smaller steps before we take BIG ones. but I won't be getting all political on you! I'm happy today because I'm off work myself.


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