Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fantasy of Lights

So, yesterday I did a few things and learned some thing about myself. 

First, we went to the Flea Market in San Jose.  A complete waste of time.  I don't know if it might be better when it's not December 29th and really cold, but yesterday, not so good.  It was mostly a bunch of cheap kids' toys, cheap shoes, fake flowers, cheap underwear, and other cheap stuff.

Then we went to Christmas in the Park in San Jose to ride the ferris wheel.  I found out that I don't like ferris wheels.  I was terrified.  But Katie likes to ride ferris wheels and I thought it would be fun (that was before I realized that ferris wheels scare me).  I was afraid we were going to be blown off the wheel or that it was going to collapse.  Not so fun.  But I can laugh about it now.

Then we went to the World's largest Monopoly board (across the street from the office) and took a few pictures.  Maybe Katie will post some of the pictures ...

and then last night we went to the Fantasy of Lights (FOL) in Los Gatos.  Fortunately, someone from my office had given me the special 3D glasses (they ran out of these the first week and this is the final week).  Anyway, when you wear the glasses the lights become psychedelic, with rainbow colors -- that made it fun.  Here are Katie and Robin wearing the AMAZING glasses ..

Here's what my Christmas tree looks like with the glasses on -- really cool! Next year, we might just drive around the neighborhood wearing the glasses (we just have to make sure the driver isn't wearing the glasses).

Anyway, the glasses were the best thing about the light show.  They kind of forgot Christmas in the lights.  There were dinosaurs and a volcano, and some dancing veggies, a tooth, and a clipper ship, to mention a few of the items.  There was very little mention of Christmas (not even Santa) and no nativity scene at all. 

All in all it was a very good day (in spite of the flea market) -- we even had time to play Liar's Dice and Scrabble.  and guess who won the Scrabble game???

Happy New Year!!


Peg said...

I know what you mean about ferris wheels - the worst is when you're at the top when it's stopped (to let somebody else on or off) Ewwww!! But the rest of your day sounds like it was a lot of fun (except, of course for the flea market - have you found that flea markets and garage sales don't have such good buys anymore - either cheap stuff or they charge a fortune for anything worth buying). Anyway - Happy New Year!

Shay said...

Yep- so not a Ferris Wheel person here either for exactly all the reasons you mentioned in your post.

Chuckled at the glasses. You'd think they'd make them look like designer sunnies or something.

Sounds like you've been having some fun times!

Katie said...

those glass are great. You definitely should bust them out for Mikey and Drew-Bob.

Anna said...

Good for you- remember when Lita and I rode that ride that was like a ski lift? I was petrified well, I am like that about ferris wheels too. I believe that you won the scrabble game!

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