Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 minute challenge, May 10th

Not a very productive week, but I'm continuing to work on the prom quilt.

Tuesday - cut minky pieces ..
Wednesday - added white strips to minky pieces
Thursday - sewed more borders
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - nothing
Monday - added more borders

I took my sewing machine to shop on Sunday because it was squeaking and the tension was kind of off -- so soon after having the servicing.  However, the guy at the quilt store checked it (and couldn't hear the squeaking, of course) and suggested that I needed to buy new needles.  I did and it appears to have taken care of the problem with the tension.

Hoping to do more sewing this week ..

Check out what everyone else got done this week here.


Shay said...

Isnt it amazing how different needles can affect the machine and how different needles are Ok for different things? I recently bought needles specifically made for quilting on my machine and they were rubbish. They're great for straight normal sewing though!

You'll get there in the end with that Prom quilt and when you do it's gonna be gorgeous. A real labour of love!

Kate said...

It seems a number of us only managed 4 days this week. Which really isn't bad, that's more than half the week.

Glad the needles fixed the tension problem.

Thanks for linking up. Hope this week is better for getting some sewing done.

Sara said...

The prom quilt is made out of minky? Gosh, you really are hardcore. I've only ever used quilting cotton or drill. Doesn't it move about when you're trying to sew it?

Marg said...

You still achieved something, and what you did on the days you did something was probably way more than 15 mins.


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