Thursday, May 26, 2011


and I promise I'll take it this time ..

should I use the minky as a border to make the quilt a little bigger (four inches around the whole quilt) or use the minky as the backing?  Right now, the quilt is about 60 x 44 .. with the minky, it would be 68 x 52 ..


Marg said...

Oh that minky is gorgeous but if it was me, I would use it as the backing.

Katie said...

I would go with the backing even if the quilt is smaller. The Hexagons are awesome even without the border.

Sara said...

I would say backing, I don't know that I would do two textures on the one side. I love the diamonds on the edge though.

P. said...

I agree with Marg to use the minky as a backing. I like your squares on point border on the top and bottom. Do you have enough left to continue that all the way around?

Elizabeth said...

Put the minkie on the back :D!

If you still want to add a border to it, that swirly purple that you used in the diamonds across the top and bottom would look really stunning.

I love the colors and the hexagons are awesome!

xo -E


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