Tuesday, May 24, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - May 24th

So a new week .. my goal this week is to finish piecing the hexagonal portion of the prom quilt, get the backing and baste the Noah's Ark quilt.

Tuesday - put four rows of the prom quilt together

Wednesday - added four or five more rows to prom quilt

Thursday -- added more rows .. only three to go.

Friday -- added borders to prom quilt; put rows of Noah's Ark together.

Prom quilt with one border (note the cat thinking about getting on it).

Saturday -- added borders to NA quilt

Sunday -- nada

Monday -- basted, quilted, put binding on NA quilt

Great week!  Helps that I took off work on Friday and Monday! :)

Hoping for another productive week .. prom quilt and maybe some other projects, pot holders? placemats? pillow cases?  or maybe start another quilt.  I have a jelly roll I want to use...


P. said...

You got a lot accomplished! I like the lighter diagonal part on the prom quilt. And your NA turned out great! Cute backing too.

Marg said...

It certainly was a productive week, it's great when you have a week like that isn't it.
Both quilts are very pretty, they are going to look fabulous when finished.

Katie said...

Look at you go! Awesome.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the hexagon prom quilt. Wow - you have been super productive.


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