Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabrics and Pincushions

Last week, or maybe the week before, I received the following.  First I got these wonderful pre-cuts from my friend for whom I made the little girl quilt earlier this year.  She got these in Hawaii.  What a fantastic surprise!

I can't wait until I can figure out what to make with these. The larger squares are sooooo soft.

And then I bought these fabrics from Ayumi.  Oops, I meant to put a link to her blog, Pink Penguin.

I love her pincushions so I couldn't resist buying one.  Her work is beautiful. (I actually asked her to make one because there weren't any in her shop.)

and she put these fabrics, just because she's so sweet!

Time for me to get sewing ...


Katie said...

oh what a nice surprise!

Shay said...

Totally gorgeous stuff. That pincushion is so sweet.

Thanks for the preview of what I might be able to buy when I get to Hawaii...I have a list of quilt shops to hit once I arrive.

Kate said...

Beautiful fabrics. Looking forward to seeing what you make with those as well.


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