Sunday, August 5, 2012


So, last night I began my trek across country for my vacation with my sister (& kids) and my dad.  They are training it from Philadelphia and Washington DC to Milwaukee and I am flying from San Jose, CA to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  After we meet up in Milwaukee, we will drive to Eagle Harbor, Michigan.  Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting for them to arrive.

When I figure out what time they get in, I'll figure out how to find them.

When I get my act together, I'll take and post some pictures.

As I was sitting here, I was reminded of my goals from a couple of weeks ago .. here's how I did:

Liberty Quilt - DONE
Pencil cases - 8/14 (or earlier) - one done
Pencil Skirt - 8/8 - not even started
sewing kit(s) - 8/14 - not even started
bags - 8/14 (or earlier) - not even started
diaper cake or motorcycle - DONE

Ah well.  When I made those goals, I hadn't planned to come on this trip and thought I would get so much more done.  At least I'll get some of my knitting done.  maybe.


Shay said...

Have fun. Enjoy the break. Those projects will wait till you get back (and if you can manage it I'd like a picture of that awesome tree please)

Marg said...

You've done more than me!
Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about your trip.

Anna said...

Hope you have made it safely to the Harbor and are enjoying cooler weather.

Kate said...

Enjoy your vacation. At least your mojo came back enough to set some goals and you did get Liberty done. You'll be all rested and ready to go when you get back home.

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