Sunday, August 26, 2012


Our last day in Michigan, we hiked to several waterfalls.  The first was Morrison Falls or the Little Silver River Falls.  We hiked in about a quarter of a mile from the five-mile point road.

The second were the Eagle River Falls.

The final ones were the Montreal Falls.  This was about a one mile walk/hike to the mouth of the river.

And then we hiked another half mile to the upper falls.  My feet were so sore, I took my shoes off and put them in the water.  Apparently, in the spring, these falls are quite dramatic with the run off from the snow.


Shay said...

I really feel close to nature when Im around waterfalls.Lovely pictures!

Someone would have been piggy backing me out of there ....Im not much of one for hiking.

Marg said...

The beautiful scenery would be well worth the hike.

Anna said...

Lovely, I want to go there one weekend soon. Unfortunately I have no one to go with. Well there will be next year. Did Dad hike with you?

Kate said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful!


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