Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 19 - May 10 - 16

Saturday - another Gulf sunset

Sunday -- on the plane, headed home

Monday - Tuesday  (didn't actually go there, just a coffee sleeve in my office)

Wednesday - Cocktail Wednesday - Bejeweled

Thursday - full-ish moon (lousy picture)


Friday - improv quilt block


Shay said...

Liking the improv quilt block . Are you planning to do a quilt full of improv?

That donut sign made me laugh out loud. Thats how I feel when I want a donut but dont have any!

Katie said...

Did you get a new dog? Loving the block too

Kate said...

Fun block improv block. I like all the bright colors.

I love the coffee sleeve. Is there really a donuts place named that?


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