Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 20 - May 17-23

 Saturday - Walk to Levi Stadium

Sunday - hanging out at Krispy Kreme (note the socks)

Monday .. no picture

Tuesday - Rainbow (on the way to work)

Wednesday - herb garden

Thursday - new iPhone case

Friday - Paul & Mini


Kate said...

Ooh, cool phone case! Fun photos! You did pretty well this week.

Shay said...

Loving the herb garden Thea. Im looking at all sorts of pictures on Pinterest at the moment about herb gardens. I saw a lovely stacked and raised one that I think Im going to do come Spring.

That phone case is awesome .

We dont have Krispy Kreme here so Im pretty jealous of Paul (whether he is wearing shoes or not !)

Katie said...

Nice herb garden!

Anna said...

I see you have another dog or are you just enjoying it?


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