Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dollar Days ($1 finds)

So, #30 on my list, is to find 52 $1 items again this year.  Last weekend we went to some yard sales and found some goodies.  Though these don't count because they were too expensive, I found two pyrex casserole dishes for $2 each, but we actually needed them so I was thrilled. 

The first things I found were a stack of puzzles and games.  There were four puzzles and two games all for $2.

Then I found the sheet below with the cute teddy bear print.  This will either be cut up for a quilt or left intact for the backing.  Not sure if it is a twin (most likely) or a full size sheet.  This cost $1.

Next were these five books.  I don't normally buy books at yard sales but for $1, I just couldn't pass them up -- five books for $1.

And this final find ended up being a freebie.  Although I have other versions of the Little Golden Book "The Night Before Christmas", this was a different year I think, but if not, it was free.

All in all, a very good day.


Shay said...

I love reading your dollar posts- you find the coolest stuff !

5 books for a buck? I wouldnt have been able to pass that up either!

Marti said...

It is really hard to find things for a dollar these days. You found some great stuff.

Anna said...

Great yard sale!
I love those gear things as a toy for boys. Finally the golden book was the one we had as a kid, I think.

Kate said...

Wow, very thrifty finds. Love the sheets, those are so cute!


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