Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June Goals

1 - make 4 Grinch blocks

2 - Get back to the gym - 3x a week (starting next week).  I'm thinking of re-starting the Couch to 5k challenge.  we'll see.  I just need to get up and that's the real challenge.

3 - Make 3 improv blocks (well, three for Katie, and three for me for a total of six. )

4 - Start a new project -- Paul mentioned that he wants a bag for the boys' things so I'm toying with the idea of making one of those.  I also have the cat quilt to make with the pattern I got at the quilt show.  Sometimes I get stuck on what to do next.  I have a few things to finish, but that defeats the purpose of a new start each month.

That's it.  Not too much, but I really need to get started June is slipping away.


Shay said...

They sound like very manageable goals Thea. (although the gym part made me feel slightly sick )I think last time I went to the gym was in 1987...

Kate said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff you could start.


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