Monday, June 16, 2014

Please Accept My Apologies ...

So, I've been really bad about posting and even worse about commenting on the blogs I follow.  I think about a month and a half ago, the bottom row on my keyboard (on my laptop) started acting up. It would work sometimes and not others.  It was super annoying, but I was able to get by, albeit a little frustrated.  I would get half way through a post or a comment and it would stop working.  So I would just give up.  Then a few weeks ago or so, my home row stopped working as well.  As you can imagine, it was next to impossible to type.

So, I went to the Apple store to see if I could get a wireless keyboard and just keep using my computer.  It was a fairly inexpensive way to work around the problem. My computer could see the keyboard but it didn't want to work with it.  I planned to make an appointment and go back to the store and have the Apple people help me figure it out.  I also figured that if that didn't work, I could try using a keyboard plugged into the USB port.  Again, a fairly inexpensive way around my problem.

However, neither of those things happened .. my YD and my OD started asking me questions about which computer I would want to buy, so I decided to hold off on making any purchases.  I wasn't sure where they were going with their questions, but I had a pretty good idea. 

To make a long story short, my wonderful family (my father, my husband, my sons and my daughters) got me a computer for my birthday.  So, instead of fumbling around with a makeshift solution, I have a brand spanking new MacBook Air!! 

I am so excited to be able to type all the words I want .. and it's light and easy and great!!

Thank you..

Now, I have no excuses for not commenting on your blogs.  I promise I'll be much better about it.


Southern Gal said...

There's nothing worse than a faulty keyboard when you want to blog!!
A new computer for your birthday? Yay you!

Peg said...

Congratulations - and happy birthday!

Anna said...

Happy 55th birthday to you my baby sister! So glad you can blog away!

Anna said...

Happy 55th birthday to you my baby sister! So glad you can blog away!

Shay said...

Happy slightly belated birthday to you Thea.

That is one very cool gift - I bet you were thrilled !

Welcome back to blog land - you've been missed !

Kate said...

Computer problems aren't very conductive to blogging that's for sure. Congrats on the new computer. Happy Birthday!


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