Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 43: October 25 - 31

Saturday - playing foot golf

 Sunday - new nails

 Monday - broken fibula (YD - not me)

 Monday, again, #3 son's birthday!

Tuesday - first baby tooth

 Wednesday - sunset

 Thursday - after surgery

Friday - Halloween!


Shay said...

OUCH! DD must have hit that hard to break it.

Happy B’Day son No 3 !

Did the tooth fairy make an appearance. What does she leave for a tooth these days?

Katie said...

Poor rob! Is it bad I only know what that ninja turtle is?

Kate said...

Looks like a good and bad week in photos. Hope YD is recovering well. Surgery of any kind is never fun.

Southern Gal said...

That looks so painful! Glad she's healing nicely.

That lost tooth? Cute stuff.


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