Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend in Nevada

So, for Columbus Day weekend, we went to Nevada to spend the weekend with Nevada and her family.  On the way, the sun was doing this really weird thing that I had to take a picture of .. looked a little like aliens ...


On the first day, we took a walk - don't know the name of the area.  The parking lot was next to a farm with llamas and black faced sheep.

I love that the sign says to clean up after your horses and, by the way, they didn't clean up after their horses, but perhaps it was the wild ponies that left the messes. There also were bags for people to clean up after their dogs -- it seems that some people didn't understand that they were supposed to throw the bags away - not leave them on the trail ... really??

My chance to be in two places at one time .. both California and Nevada.

After our hike, we drove a little bit down the road looking for some color in the trees.  I got a couple of decent shots.  Unfortunately, there weren't any reds .. just yellows and golds.

We spent the evening at Carson Valley Inn - watching baseball and playing blackjack. 

The next day we went to Virginia city, where we walked around the wild west town...

and then we went to the Comstock Cemetery right next to Virginia City.

On our final day, on the way home, we went by Lake Tahoe.  I'd never been before so I wanted to stop there.

We ate at the Riva Grill.  Paul had an awesome drink called Raspberry on my Woody -- actually he had two.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

So, that was my fun weekend in Nevada .. can't wait to go back.


Shay said...

Your mini vacation looks like fun ...Did Paul get the recipe for that cocktail???

Katie said...

Looks nice. I really enjoyed the different landscapes from Yosemite to Tahoe when I went.

Kate said...

That first photo of the sky is a bit spooky, but very interesting.

Looks like you had a great mini vacation.


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