Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February Made Me Shiver

with every paper I delivered ... Jim Croce, American Pie.

February is coming to an end .. I need to remember that January and February sometimes go by slowly but the rest of the year will just fly by. 

Last month my goal/thing was to get up earlier, with the intent to get on the treadmill and get more walking/steps in.  I moved the alarm to 5:30 and was able to get up most days, at least more than not.  However, I gave myself permission to skip getting up early if I was too tired or lazy or whatever.  No guilt. 

I'm going to keep my alarm at 5:30 for now -- it seems to work.  Or at least it seems to be something sustainable.

For March I will have two goals:
  1. Limit TV watching to 2 hours a day (except for Friday nights when I watch Doctor Who -- then it is unlimited); and
  2. Keep my caloric intake to 1200 / day.  I'm frustrated with my inability to lose weight so I'm going to go back to the old standby of eating less.  That should work.
I read something recently that stated that eating healthier actually brings about weight loss.  To remove processed foods from the diet.  I should probably try to get my husband on board with that (since he is doing most of the cooking now) and see what we can do.  He should be eating healthier anyway.  However, for now, I'm going to count calories.

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