Thursday, September 25, 2008


I started sewing the borders on the quilt tonight. I did three sides and then I gave up and watched TV. Of course I played several games of spider solitaire and freecell before quilting and then blackjack while watching CSI and the Office. Didn't get any exercise in there.

Okay, I need to add those things to my daily regimen and I need to stop playing dumb computer games -- or at least restrict the number of times I play to like 3 ... 7 is the perfect number so they say... no 3 is better, shorter and I can play more. However, I should play 3 3s and leave it at that. Okay, starting tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm kind of psyched about the quilt, but am a little concerned it's not big enough -- and then I'm wondering if the batting will be big enough, oh help.

that's it for now. the week is almost over. I'll try finishing the inner and outer borders tomorrow night, then I'll decide if I need to add more borders, and then I'll finish it. WOW.

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Katie said...

I'm sure it will be fine don't worry about it.

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