Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I had to go back and read my blogs to make sure I hadn't done this already -- I actually did but I deleted all my entries from before, so I can do it again. Following is a list of all the cars Paul and I have owned over the years -- it was more impressive when we had 10 cars in 10 years but the list is still pretty impressive:

1. 69 VW beetle (white) (my very first car!)
2. 904 Porsche - yellow
3. Light blue Chevy Monza
4. Green Dodge K car
5. Blue Dodge K car
6. Big Red - or was it big blue
7. The lime green rabbit
8. The full-size conversion van
9. Chevy Citation (from my parents)
10. 99 Silver Honda Civic
11. 2000 Black Honda Accord
12. Ford Explorer (Paul Jr's)
13. Green Honda Civic
14. Mazda (Paul/Kellly's)
15. 91 Honda Accord (Kelly's/Mine/Michael's)
16. Jeep Liberty
17. 2007 Honda Accord
18. 2006 Honda Civic
19. Plymouth Voyager
20. Honda Prelude (Michael's)
21. Toyota Camry (Mark's)
22. Ford 150 Pick up (Mark's)
23. 69 Chevy Malibu (Michael's)
24. Mitsubishi Evolution (Michael's)

There was a station wagon in there too, but I can't remember if we actually owned it or just used it -- there were other cars that belonged to friends of ours that we used/abused. Maybe we weren't such good friends when it came to cars.

My favorite cars, so far, were the VW bug (because it was my first) and the silver Honda Civic. I guess I thought of those two as MY cars.

that's my list for today. ;-P

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Katie said...

that's a lot of cars although I've had my share of cars too as I have only wrecked 4 or maybe it was 5.

BTW - I've been quilting for years but I just haven't been a finisher until the last year or so.


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