Friday, September 5, 2008


working on my third day in a row of dealing with a headache. I think I'm just not eating right .. today was too busy.

anyway, I was thinking of lists, favorites that would be fun to put down on paper or rather into internet space .. what do we call that? ten people i talked to today, ten things that made me smile, cars we owned, places I've lived, places i've visited, top ten airports .. that's a good one ... actually I haven't been to that many airports and I only really remember the ones I've been to multiple times

Katie I expect you to tell me which ones you like best

1. Houghton-Hancock -- it's sooooo small you just gotta love it
2. San Jose -- I love it cuz it feels small (at least the old part of it does)
3. Kansas City -- still feels small
4. Minnesota -- I love Snoopy and how crazy big it it (plus I go through there every time I fly to the UP)
5. Detroit - I love the water art (it's crazy big too but I was there for a really long time once and then for five minutes the other time)

that's actually it for the ones that I have any feelings about (except LaGuardia which I don't like right now...) Here are the others I've been to, but don't really have anything to say about them.

6. Dulles
7. BWI
8. Las Vegas
9. San Diego
10. LaGuardia - i don't like it at all -- had a bad experience in July (couldn't get home).

I think I've been through Atlanta, Houston, Tuscon (that was small too but not very memorable, except for leaving my phone in the rental car), Seattle, Chicago (O'Hare), Chicago (Midway), Dayton, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, Washington Reagan. And I don't even travel very much -- Until ten years ago i'd only flown to Chicago once (to see Granny and Grandpa) and to Ohio once (when Jonathan was born) and that was it for flying. Hard to believe.

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