Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday mindlessness

So since it's Monday, it's okay that I played a bunch of mindless computer games? and didn't do very well at that?? I really want to get off that kick. Just a waste of time. Why do I do the things that I don't want to do and not do the things that I want?

1. Our cat has a new friend who is black and white and really stinks. She came in the other night with the funniest look on her face .. and she smelled funny. I don't think she got sprayed, at least not directly, because the smell went away over night. Her friend was back again today. Fortunately, she was inside this time. This is her - Spooky. Okay, not really a girl name, but she was named after another grey cat we had a long time ago.

2. I need to get my hair dyed, yet again and I need a manicure ... UGH! why does this stuff have to be done all the time??? Also, my toe nail has just about grown back in so I need a pedicure.

3. My eyes are tired.

4. Oh, I've been working on a new quilt. It's just blue and white (my favorite) and I need to get some other fabric to brighten it up .... I probably should have done some sashing in between the squares. I might still. We'll have to see. I still need to finish the two blankets that I'm knitting, but I must admit I prefer quilting.

5. It's still hot.

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