Thursday, June 25, 2009


I would like to blog more regularly and so was thinking that if I had a name for each day (like Katie's Tuesday 10), I would at least have a so-called template to work from and wouldn't have to be creative. So I need suggestions for my daily blogs ...

Sunday's Snapshots
Monday's Mindlessness
Tuesday's Temptations
Wednesday's Wildness (??? not that I am ever wild ???)(Thank you Anna)
Thursday's Deep Thoughts
Friday's Fab Four
Saturday's Successes

I was checking out other blogs last night and there are some really creative people out there with some terrific pictures and some interesting stuff. It's amazing how we have access to all these different people. What a big world we live in and yet so small .. oh wait, this is something to leave for my deep thinking tomorrow. Today I'm supposed to be wild...

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Katie said...

so what wildness happened?

I read an article in the paper once about how you "should" feel on different days of the week, so when someone asks you on monday how you are you don't say "good" or "blah" - I think you were supposed to say...
Marvelous on Monday
Terrific on Tuesday
Wonderful on Wednesday
Thankful on Thursday
Fabulous on Friday
Spectacular on Saturday
Super on Sunday

I tried it for a while and people seemed to catch on now I just say whatever I want. But anyhow I ramble if your daily items don't work perhaps you could sub it out for one of these. xoxo - Katie

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