Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday -- just barely

So, it's finally Friday .. I can't get to sleep. I just took something but I have to wait for it to "kick" in. I've been looking at a lot of quilting blogs lately. It is amazing what some people can do. Really inspiring.

I finished one of the scarves tonight. I'll try and post a picture. I'm doing one more which I want to have done before next Thursday when we have C.A.F.E night at church. One night a month the women get together and share their crafts. There are several different tables and each month there is a highlighted craft. This month it is knitting. So, I've made two samples. I'm going to purchase some yarn and needles and books. Hopefully there will be some beginning knitters.

Anyway, as soon as the scarves are done, I'll get back to quilting. I've got a sock monkey quilt started. and then there's the quilt I'm making for Robin. And I've got some other ideas too. On top of that there are the stockings and the sock monkey. So much to do, so little time.

I need to find out how to link to my 52 list so that I can mark when i complete an item.


Katie said...

did you just say buy knitting supplies - you have three bins of stuff in G&G's car. don't do that. there's easily 300 needles and just as much yarn.

Over40 said...

The problem is that the car is not here -- I need these things by Thursday night. I'll keep the receipts and if the car comes or if no one comes to the knitting class, I'll just return them.

Anna said...

Sorry you can't sleep.That happens to me too only not so much lately. I bought crocheting supplies. Lots of hooks and yarn. What is your craft night?

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