Friday, January 1, 2010

Fifty-two for Twenty ten

this year I'm going to copy Katie (yet again) and have a list of 52 mini goals to accomplish in 2010

1. Get my passport
2. Go to Las Vegas
3. Make Christmas stockings
4. Go to Oregon
5. Purge/organize attic - DONE!!
6. Make new curtains for my room
7. Clean out my closet - DONE
8. blog once a week
9. Clean bathrooms regularly (every other week) - IN PROGRESS
10. go to the gym three times a week
11. Buy something at a yard sale - DONE
12. Go to the flea market - DONE
13. Read War & Peace Atlas Shrugged
      (too much of War & Peace was in French)
14. Knit fingerless gloves
15. Take a class - DONE
16. Buy something for $1 each week
17. Make Christmas cards
18. Send Christmas cards
19. Purchase one piece of real furniture
20. See both of my sisters - DONE!
21. Run 3 miles
22. Go to a museum - DONE (went to Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA on 10/26/10)
23. Meet up with Katie - DONE!
24. Have a yard sale - DONE!
25. Take a road trip - DONE!
26. Take a 1 week TV break - DONE!
27. Wear funky earrings
28. Have a dinner party (whatever that is)
29. Throw my husband a 60th birthday party
30. Give Paul 30 things for our anniversary
32. Give up sugar for a day - DONE
33. Give up sugar for a week
34. Give up sugar for a month
35. Try a new bread recipe - DONE
36. Paint my bedroom - DONE
37. Grow something to eat (mold doesn't count)
38. Stay in my pjs for an entire day
39. Buy another Judy Bolton book for my collection - DONE
40. Go into every store at Valley Fair (and buy nothing)
41. See King Tut exhibit
42. Watch a sunset - DONE (multiple times)
43. Watch a sunrise
44. See a shooting star
45. Have a picnic - DONE
46. Make a sock monkey
47. Go bowling with the family
48. Knit a pair of socks
49. Try a new ethnic food (new to me) We had thai food at work
50. Put together a 2000 piece puzzle - this one I'm going to bag.  We tried it in NC and couldn't get it done in 2 days (no surprise there).  I won't have a good opportunity to do this again by the end of the year.
51. Give blood - DONE
52. Make a list for 2011 - DONE

There are a few resolutions too, eat less, exercise more, read more, listen more, be more positive, smile more often, but those are more general and harder to accomplish.

Can't wait to see Katie's list .. and how she achieves some of her goals!

Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

I want to go to las vegas too! Maybe we can meet there for a long weekend...

Katie said...

Las Vegas is not high on my list. But I do like #23! :D And I have always wanted to make a sock monkey I even have a kit in the studio. I'll be posting my list soon.

Anna said...

Well sad to say I do not want to go to Las Vegas!
But I do want to go to California, and Philadelphia and Wilmington.
So I need to get a list of the 52 things I want to do this year. I should have seen this coming.

Mary Spalding said...

My brother John is getting married in Las Vegas in April! Her name is Ana and she's from Brazil. I'm hoping to go (if I can afford it). You can meet me there!


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