Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last week ...

Here is last week's dollar find .. actually I think it cost $.20 and I bought a whole bunch, but this one is the cutest.

and here's the second scarf, finally.

Now I can focus on quilting. But first, I'm going to finish the bags -- I just need to get the cords done and they are done.


Anna said...

Well, I am getting old I don't remember what the bags are for or what the 20 cent items were for. Refresh my memory.
I have tomorrow off and we are going to various doctor appointments and I hav school work to finish. I have got to get it where I don't take the papers home!

Over40 said...

I put a link for the bags so you can see two of the ones I have almost finished. As for the 20 cent item, I am trying to buy something for $1 every week, and that was what I bought last week. I haven't gotten anything this week yet, but I will find something tomorrow.