Tuesday, June 21, 2011

15 minute challenge - June 21

Tuesday - made one spiderman block, one other block
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - zip
Friday - zero
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - more of the same
Monday - made one spiderman block

Okay, here's the white ...

and here's the yellow ..

I'm thinking I like the white best.  I could go with both too.  I'll probably do one yellow and/or white border and then a red.  Then I'll do sashing either in the black/white checked or a something blue/white.

Here's the other block I made this week.  I just love sock monkeys .. I may even have to make another quilt.

I am not expecting this week to be much better .. I'll be in New York from Wednesday through Friday.

To see what others have been up to this week, check out Life in Pieces.


Sara said...

I so very much wouldn't mind missing out on some quilting if I was going to New York instead...

Marti said...

I LOVE the yellow, red & black plaid combo. You could put a picture frame around that and hang it as art, but it will make a fun quilt. I may just have to borrow that plaid idea and find something to put in the center.

Shay said...

I like the white best too. I think I spy some puctuation being used in that border. I have the same fabric left over from Little P's last quilt.

Some weeks you just dont have the crafting mojo happening- I know how that feels.

Enjoy NY - I know it's probably work related but surely you'll get to see some of the sights. Im with Sara - it sounds exciting!

Kate said...

I can't choose, I like both. Some weeks are just that way, life just don't cooperate. Enjoy your trip to New York.

Marg said...

Me too, would gladly miss out on lots of quilting if the alternative was going to New York, (even if it was work related).
I like both the Spiderman blocks.

Kathy said...

I love both spiderman blocks!!! I never knew spiderman could look so great!! Have fun in New York!


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