Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I had my FTF all written out but when I saw that today was National Doughnut Day, I just had to change it up.   just kidding.  But when I saw the date, June 3, I decided that I would change my favorite.

Today my favorite is friends in honor of two of my friends who share today as their birthday.

The first is Marie-Claire.  She was my boss for about 6 years and she is just the most fun person.  Always enthusiastic.  Always positive.  Always ready to listen to stories about my kids.  I remember that we had some clients in town and she took these clients to a shooting range -- by limo.  I bet they all had a great time!

And then there's Trish.  We became friends when I had only four kids.  She had trouble getting pregnant and I remember feeling so rotten when I became pregnant with #5 .. but then something happened, she and her husband got three foster kids, and one of those was an newborn baby girl straight from the hospital (a long long story).  That baby girl and my youngest were good friends until we moved to California.  (As a side note, shortly after getting the three girls, she got pregnant too and then three more times so she has 7 kids!)  Now, I only get to see Trish maybe once a year, but when we get together it feels like we've never been apart.  Sure there's lots of stuff to catch up on and we never get it all said, but we still feel close when we're together.

Although this is a favorite, it is a bittersweet fave .. these are two people that I love, but I am so far away from them. :(.

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Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

What a fabulous favourite, Thea. Friends that you don't see often, but can pick right up where you last left off, are the best friends ever. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF!

PS,,,now go eat a donut! :o)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Great Favourite!

I wish you lived closer to your friends - we all need someone, don't we? My husband really needs friendships in his life - as a kind of mental health sustainer. I call them his "brother husbands" - like a little riff on the show "sister wives" :)

Shay said...

I think old friends are the best friends. You have shared history and it's often like picking up where you left off when you see them infrequently.

Ive been thinking about a similar post but you pipped me at the post (and you did it so beautifully too!) Your friends are equally lucky to have you for a friend Thea.

What a lovely Favourite thing!

michelle of rag-tag stitchin' said...

Great FTF, Friends of your heart are never far away. There is nothing sweeter than good friends.

Marg said...

Great post. Having moved many times over the years and to three different countries, I've made a few very close friends. Fortunately we have all ended up in the same country. One even only a two hour drive away. I really really value my friends, I definitely try to keep in touch with them regularly. In fact I'm staying with one right now, who lives a two hour flight away. It's been great catching up again.
I love that you can pick up where you left off as though it was only a day ago that you last saw them.

Kate said...

Great FTF. Trish and Marie-Claire sound like great friends.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful favourite. I have a real good friend in the US. We haven´t seen aechother for almost 20 years, but whenever we chat or email it´s like we´ve been together forever.
Well unfortunately not really any close friends in Germany...
Have a great Sunday,

Katie said...

Love those stories about your friends!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

It's great when friends are so much more sisters than friends. A lovely FTF.


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