Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jerky Weekend

So this weekend was a busy one.  I worked on the spiderman quilt on Friday night, finishing the second quarter of it.

We had a yard sale on Saturday morning.  We didn't sell much.  Kind of disappointing.  But everything sold, is something that doesn't go back into the house.  I had to clear out my sewing area so my son could move some stuff in.  I put most everything into my bedroom, except for the table and the sewing machine.

It's a little cramped and messy, but I still have access to everything.  I should have cleaned up before I took the picture, but didn't want you to get the wrong impression of me. 

Saturday afternoon/evening we went to a pool party at the boss's.  It was really nice.  Great food! Good company! and the boys went swimming.  No pictures, yet.  All in all, a nice day, but quite exhausting.

Then today we put boxes back in the attic.  We had them in a storage unit and at my #3 son's house.  Now it's all back here and taking up lots and lots of space.  I wish I could get rid of it but I can't, yet.  Two of my boxes are the good china that I'll put out when we get a hutch; one box is some antique tea cups, again when we get the hutch I'll put those out.  I think I have three boxes of pictures which I need to scan.  That'll be a project for this winter.   Then there is the box with the sweaters my grandmother made for my kids when they were little.  I'm saving them for grandchildren... or I'll figure out something else to do with them.  There's one box of mine with papers, which I will go through and shred, just haven't taken the time.

I don't mind keeping the camping equipment or the Christmas decorations, but all the other stuff drives me crazy.  too much stuff.

I finished another quarter of the spiderman quilt.  Just one more to go and the quilting will be done.  hooray!  Here's a picture of the back.  (I think I might like the back better than the front!)

Then we decided to make some beef jerky.   It needs to cook for 6 to 16 hours.  This was taken at about 3.5 hours .. the house smells great!

and now to Monday ..


Shay said...

My nephew is wild about beef jerky....

Ok first things first ...I adore the quilting on the Spiderman quilt. The whole thing looks fantastic!

Congratulations on all that organising. Bet it feels good . Sort of. Sorry the yard sale didn't net you a fortune. You could have come and visited with all your new found cash!

Kate said...

We bagged and loaded up the Jeep with Kiddo's clothing she's outgrown to declutter some of our space. Any more work in the attic will have to wait till fall, it's too hot. So I do get the part about feeling things are too cluttered.

Peg said...

Whew - big job getting all that organizing done! Can't wait to see the finished Spiderman quilt - looking great. And I can almost smell the beef jerky from here!

P. said...

I think I need to try making jerky one of these days. Probably a lot better than what you get in the stores.

Love that little spiderweb print on the quilt back! Your quilting looks great. Can't wait to see the finished spidey quilt!

Katie said...

oh I hope you are bringing that to the UP. sounds like a great weekend.

Marti said...

I had a mini meltdown just thinking of having a garage sale in this weather. Sorry it was disappointing. I keep reading that more people are going to garage sales than ever before, but my neighbor had a sale last weekend and she said it was disappointing too.

I love the spiderweb quilting on the spider block. Too cute!


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