Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some pictures

I've been negligent the last couple of weeks, no 15 minute challenge, no FTF.  I am finally doing some more sewing.  I have all the white borders on the spiderman blocks.  This week, maybe today, I'm going to add the next layer, the red.

I also made a shirt -- simple but I seemed to make it harder.  I don't like the way it turned out enough to run out and buy some more fabric.  I may try it again, a little smaller and in some fabric I bought for that purpose.  We'll see.

I also mended a pillow case for my son.  A simple job, I know, but it was something.

Anyway, one of my favorite things is taking pictures.  (I know, I know, I don't do it all the time.)  I like when I take a picture and it turns out really neat.  One day, I'd like to get an SLR camera and take a class and learn how to take pictures.  The following are a few of my favorite shots.

This is my youngest son standing in front of a waterfall.  Would have been better to show his feet on the rocks where he was standing but I didn't know how cool the picture was going to turn out.

This is a picture of the sun with a ring around it.  very cool.

My first grandson standing in front of a window.

Okay, this one is not so cool but this was a visitor at our house for about 6 months.  I'll write about that some point.

I posted this last week, and remembered how nice I thought it was.

Same tree, different lighting.


Peg said...

Beautiful pics - so much talent!

P. said...

Great pictures, Thea! I'm with you on the "one day...want to get an SLR & take a class" thing. Me too.

Shay said...

6 months! That snake would have lasted about 12 hours here max before I had the snake catcher round...ugh!

Thea- you have amazing photography skills - each of those pictures is really beautiful in their own way. You should take a class and develop that talent!

Marg said...

Great photos Thea, fabulous composition. I can't believe you let that snake stay for 6 months. I agree with Shay, if it was here it would have lasted less than a day before I had the snake guy here to take it away.

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