Monday, July 11, 2011

A Story about a Snake

So, last week I posted a picture of a snake that came to visit for about 6 months.  My older daughter and her friend had decided to go to France to live for a while (ended up being 7 months).  Her friend had a five-foot long boa constrictor, named Lulu* and Lulu needed a place to stay.  My #3 son said that he would watch her.  I said it would be okay.  WHAT WAS I THINKING??

So after the daughter and her friend went to France, Lulu came to live with us.  My son built her a cage.  My son bought her animals to eat and fed her in the bathtub.  Lulu stayed in her cage.  The son was very popular with his friends.

The cats were also fascinated.  They used to sit on top of the cage watching her.  However, the cage top was not well built -- at least not for heavy kitties, and they damaged the cage top so that there was a gaping hole.

One day, Lulu found that hole and left her cage to explore.  We searched high and low but couldn't find her.  We were worried about the cats (the devil cat was a teeny tiny kitten at the time).  We worried about our lives.  We worried about the neighbors.  But worry didn't find Lulu.  Time passed and I stopped worrying so much and just figured that Lulu had slithered away and would never be seen again.

Fast forward four months, there I am getting ready to do laundry ... I walked into the laundry room and looked at the water heater and screamed.  I have no idea where "she" was for those 4 months, but there was Lulu wrapped around the base of the water heater.  #3 son was not at home so we called one of his buddies to come and get that thing from the water heater and put her back in her cage.   She escaped again the next day, and again I found her, this time sitting on top of the DVD player (not mine, the one in the garage where #3 son lived).

I realized then that I HATE snakes (me and Indiana Jones).  (How did I not know this before??)  I don't know what possessed me to say it was okay for that thing to live here.   I didn't want to even be in the same room with it.  I don't think I will ever willingly be in the same house with a snake again.

The end of the story is that shortly thereafter, the daughter's friend came back from France and Lulu left our house for good.  I sleep much better now.

*Her name has been changed for her protection.


Marg said...

That explains it, I was thinking it looked like a python and was wondering how on earth a python found it's way to your place. I couldn't think of anything worse than having a python hiding away somewhere in my house. It's bad enough when we have them living outside near the house, YUCK.

Shay said...

I laughed my butt off when reading this snake tale (especially the part about changing her name )

Really didnt think that through did you ? I would never ever live with a snake in my house. (You're a complete legend in my book!)

Sara said...

I'm cool with snakes, so long as they're not moving really quickly. There was one in a river we were swimming in once, a properly deadly brown snake, an boy do they move fast in the water - turns out so do I when there's a snake in there with me. But friends have had pet ones, and I've been pretty chill with them. I'd rather hang out with a snake than a big dog.

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