Tuesday, February 12, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

So this week, Kate has asked us to show our sewing spaces.  Here is mine.  I wanted to show the whole room so you could see what I am dealing with (and how messy things really are).  I share the table with my husband - and notice I am doing most of the sharing.  When I want to sew, I stack up all his papers so that I have space to sew.

Here is what the space looks like, without the rest of the room.

and here is my fabric stash, in the closet on the other side of the room, also all my tools, rulers and cutting mats.

and the rest of the stash, including books and patterns and other crafty things I am working on/with.

Obviously, it's a challenge that I don't have a dedicated space.  When I start to sew, I have to get everything out (except the sewing machine); and when I finish, I have to put everything away, which is a good habit to get into.  The hard thing is not having a place for cutting (I do my cutting on the dining room table) or ironing (which I do in the kitchen or in the bedroom). I find this set up easier than when I was sewing in the dining room because all my supplies are close at hand -- the down side is that I'm away from all the other people in the house.

Here's how this week looked.

Tuesday - four rows - Blue Elephants
Wednesday - five rows - Blue Elephants
Thursday - sewed rows together
Friday - looked for backing fabric, cut out borders
Saturday - bought backing/binding fabric, sewed on borders, prepared backing
Sunday - sewed batting together for Blue Elephants
Monday - basted Blue Elephants

To see other sewing spaces and to see who has met the challenge this week, click here to go to Life in Pieces.


Julie in GA said...

It looks like you had a very productive week--quilting time every day! I know how hard it is when you have to put everything away after you get done and pull it out again the next time you want to sew. I'm glad that doesn't keep you from quilting.

Kate said...

I so get the draw backs of shared space. There are times I marvel that I'm still married after sharing space with My Guy's music room for 5 years.

You had a good week on the stitching front, 7 out of 7 is a fabulous week.

Marg said...

I'm impressed, it's tidier than my sewing space.

Shay said...

7 out of 7 .What an awesome effort.

I think you do an amazing job of creating in such a small space. I'm such a messy sew-er I tend to take over the whole house.

Marti said...

You had a good week. Is your sewing space a guest room too? It looks like a bed across from the desk.

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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