Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt Challenged

I am feeling rather challenged with quilting right now.  I don't have a project that I want to get started or one that I am anxious to finish.

I spent some time the last couple of days messing around with the scraps left over from Time and Again.  I sewed them all together and came up with an 18 x 48 thing.  I cut that into 6 inch squares which I'll put borders around and then sew them together and hopefully have something that looks decent of a reasonable size.  We'll see.

Anyway, as I was sitting here getting down on myself that I don't have any quilt projects that I'm excited about, I realized that there are a few other things I want to make that I can probably get excited about, so I'm going to do those next and not worry about the quilts. They are: crayon rolls, a bag, the sewing kits, some coasters.  Some of these are quick projects and the others may be a little more time consuming.

and if I really want to think about quilts, I can quilt the blue elephants ..

I'm thinking about going to the gym .. will probably wait until my husband comes home and then get him to go with me.  I will go today.  I must go today.

Have a great Saturday. 


Marti said...

Sometimes we just need a break from quilting. I need to get some exercise too. I need to be as firm about it as you.

Kate said...

Sometimes a break is a good thing. Looking forward to seeing your new projects, which ever ones you end up working on.

Shay said...

Those little breaks from quilting help me gather inspiration and get enthused about the process again. When you least expect it an idea will pop up and you'll be raring to go.

I should be quilting today too but I had an idea for something last night that should only take me half a day from start to finish so Im going to start that this morning....

Marg said...

Having a break sometimes is a good thing. If you don't have a deadline for the others, have fun doing something else, then maybe you just might feel the love for one of your projects that you want to finish.

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