Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite this week is a very simple thing: notebooks.  When I was in 3rd or 4th grade, we read Harriet the Spy. Harriet had a notebook in which she wrote down everything -- I decided that I wanted to have a notebook too so I bought one and then another and another and another.  I wrote down all sorts of things in them -- bus numbers, the names I was going to give my 20 children (several lists of those), and other silly things.  Those notebooks have all disappeared - I'm sure relegated to the circular file.  Since then, I have kept diaries and journals and I keep buying notebooks.  I throw them out periodically so I don't have the millions that I have bought over the years though there are probably boxes in the attic full of them. 

And for those wondering, I am not a prolific writer or artist drawer or list maker -- I just buy a new notebook that I like (or someone gives me) and stop using the old one, so they are mostly half (or less) used and then tossed.

 This one came from Australia and I actually used all the pages in it (just finished yesterday) and need a replacement ..

These three have something written on a few pages. The top one for lists; the second one for journaling; the third came from a study group I was in and we had to write our thoughts in it (the group meets every couple of months so I just need to remember to take it with me next time).

 This is my quilting journal where I draw what I'm going to make or do my calculations.  I've almost used all those pages so will have to get a new one for that as well -- though I'll probably use the tan, spiral-bound one in the previous picture.

These are the drawings for the tetris quilt I was going to make.  never did.  might still.

 I don't know where this one came from, but I'll probably use it for journaling now.

This one was my mothers (she was a big Laurel Burch fan). I've written in a few pages, but will probably use it exclusively for something at some point.

Anyway, those are the notebooks in my bedroom.  I have one that I carry in my purse that I forgot about until just now.  It has addresses and notes and lists and who knows what else in it ..

So that's it.  Check out Quilting in My Pyjamas for other favorites or link up and post one of your own!


Shay said...

I can identify completely with this favourite because I AM a prolific list writer so I use notebooks all the time. I’m incapable of walking past a pretty notebook in the store- I have to stop and buy it so I also have quite a collection.

Love that notebook of your Mom’s. Such a gloriously artsy cover!

I’m with you on this favourite Sister!

Kate said...

I'm a notebook fan too. You have some nice ones!

P. said...

Looks like we need to form Notebooks Anonymous. I am member #4.

Great favorite!

Marg said...

I always have journals but rarely write in them. I'm hopeless. I wish I was like you. I've been forcing myself to write quilting notes this year. I've left it open on one of the tables in the sewing room so it's easy to remember.


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